Why a blog? I’m not the kind of person who shares. Really. I have a big problem sharing, actually. I nod and smile and listen and support OTHER people, but when it comes to personal stuff, I tend to shy back. I’m shy, ok? Also, I’m an introvert. I hate people focusing on me in any way. Unless I’m teaching, which is weird, but what are you going to do about it?

If I don’t like being the focus of attention and I don’t like sharing, why, you ask, am I writing a blog and then sharing the entries on my Facebook page for all to see? Well, it’s about writing. I need to get into the habit of writing a little bit, every day. I love writing.  I’ve been working on a novel for more years than I care to mention. It’s sitting there right now, with words and sentences and everything, but sometimes I get stuck. Sometimes I don’t write. Then I don’t write for longer. If I want to be a writer, and I do, then I need to write. Everyday. Something.  Even this blog post.

It’s also about the sharing thing. It’s about getting out of my comfort zone and giving people a chance to get to know me. Not just Mom me or teacher me, ME.  I can count on one hand the number of friends I have who have known me long enough to allow me to get comfortable enough to share personal things with them. So, welcome to my self-prescribed therapy. Enjoy!

So, as the entries continue, I’ll write about stuff.  Sometimes it will be about my kids, sometimes it might be about my feelings on things or something that happened the day before. I might include short stories or excerpts, maybe. If I’m feeling brave. MAYBE. Writing is so damn personal and I DON’T SHARE.

Sorry. Welcome to my anxiety. 🙂  I hope I haven’t scared you away and I hope you stay and I really really hope I don’t bore you too much or you think my writing stinks. I’m going to keep doing it, no matter what.

No courting insanity for me, thanks.

One thought on “Writing

  1. I LOVE your blog…your writing is great!! How long have you been doing it…as I’m wondering how many “back issues” I’ve missed? Can’t wait to read more…especially when it’s your novel I’m reading!! Share away!

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