All the plans…

I was going to have a GREAT blog post for you today. It was going to be about something interesting and I was going to go in depth and discuss something meaningful. Well, as Burns put so well:

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
          Gang aft agley,”
This is actually the second time I’ve written THIS blog post because the last one got lost in the interwebs somewhere. But there IS a reason for a smaller blog post and that reason is Elizabeth.
Elizabeth came into my room at 3:30 am to inform me that she couldn’t sleep.  I blearily got up and half-sleepwalked with her back to her room to discover that she had turn on ALL OF THE LIGHTS. The closet door was open and that light was on. The bathroom light was on. The overhead bedroom light was on. The room was BLAZING. Poor Josie was standing in her crib with a look that exactly mirrored MY feelings at this point: What.The.Hell.
I went around the room closing doors and turning off lights. I laid Josie back down and told her it was time to go night-night. She didn’t argue. I tucked Elizabeth in bed and told her to go to sleep and stay in bed. She gave me a very sweet, “Ok, Mommy,” rolled over and complied. I stood there for a moment, very confused, but went back to bed since everything seemed back to normal.
Except I didn’t go back to SLEEP. I laid there for a while. Then when I finally DID go to sleep, I had a dream that Elizabeth had gotten up again. It was one of those realistic dreams that are SO realistic you don’t realize you’re dreaming until you wake up. Which I did. Three more times.  Basically, I feel like I’ve been awake all night and this is the best blog post I can do.
BUT I got to enjoy my family fighting over freshly made scones this morning, which was both entertaining and an ego boost. They REALLY liked those scones.

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