Target steps up. Again.

Target is rapidly becoming my favorite store. And not because I can go there to buy shampoo and also buy throw pillows, but because they have some awesome store policies.

First, I LOVE Target’s policy on breastfeeding in their stores. If you haven’t heard, basically, breastfeed away. Employees are not to stare, bother, or approach you no matter where you are breastfeeding unless it’s to see if you need something to make you more comfortable. If you ask for a place to breastfeed, they are to suggest the fitting rooms NOT the bathroom, even if there is a line. Target, you rock.

And then I read that Target is getting rid of gender labeling in some parts of their stores. FUCK YES. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m old or because I’m a mom, but it seems like buying toys or bedroom decorations or ANYTHING for kids is like a battle of the sexes. Young children DO NOT CARE if the Legos are pink or blue, they just want to build junk. So why are they pink? With princesses on them? And why are all the ‘cool’ toys in the very obviously BOY aisle?  My girls like to climb, love superheros (Elizabeth was BATMAN for her first Halloween, for goodness sake and don’t get me started on how hard it was to find a batman costume that wasn’t PINK for her size) and want to build stuff as much as boys do. Do they like princesses and fairies? Sure they do. You can like both whether you’re a boy OR a girl. I do the best I can to buy toys that are gender neutral for my kids, especially if they’re things like kitchens or cars. It’s all about balance.

True Story: When I was shopping for a birthday gift for one of the girls, I stopped in the pretend play section of Toys R Us. There was a surgeon costume with a color scheme of green and white and a nurse’s costume that was PINK. I was immediately annoyed. No, I was enraged. 1. Boys see that and think, “That’s pink, I don’t want to be a nurse, that’s for GIRLS.” and 2. Girls see that and think, “Pink! I love pink, that must be for me, I want to be a nurse!” And, just like that, kids are told that girls are nurses, not surgeons. I fully support gender equality in ALL fields. If a boy wants to be a nurse that’s GREAT. If a girl wants to be a surgeon WONDERFUL. Stop it society. Ok, back to Target.

And now Target has heard the cries of its’ customers. The people have spoken and Target is listening. With this new move and Netflix’s new policy on parental leave, (which has led to changes in Adobe and Microsoft as well) companies are actually starting to listen. I have hope for the future! I mean, we’re all going to die when the ice caps melt due to global warming, but at least we’ll have finally gotten rid of gender bias.


It seems some people are really really upset about this policy change, and for the ODDEST reason. ScaryMommy, one of my favorite blogs, featured this piece on some of the responses. Ok, I know change can be scary, but the reason for this anger is mind boggling to me. Apparently, removing gender labeling in the toy section is pandering to kids who are….transgender? WHAT?! How did they even arrive at that? I think that’s a wonderful side-effect of the lack of labeling, but I don’t think that’s WHY they’re doing it. How did they arrive at that conclusion?!

Gender equality is really terrible, I guess. Dear angry biased shoppers who are no longer going to shop at Target: nothing has been lost and everything has been gained; it was so nice not knowing you.


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