Planned Parenthood

Ok, this is going to be my first controversial post because it touches on a sensitive subject: abortion*. I’m not here to argue when a woman should be allowed an abortion…no, I am because I just had to write that sentence. Women should be allowed any medical procedure that they deem necessary for their own bodies. Period. Denying them that is denying them their basic rights as a person and the only reason they’re being denied rights is because they have a uterus.  It’s insane.

But, some of you say, BUT the baby! Yes, women know all about that. Women are not stupid and are very aware of what’s going on inside of them and what they are deciding to do when they have an abortion. This article from New York Magazine puts it very well, so read that I won’t rant about it any more.

I came here to talk about Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is about SO MUCH MORE than abortions. It provides FREE birth control and educates women about their bodies so that they don’t NEED an abortion in the future. Also, in shocking news, women can get abortions other places because it is a medical procedure, so hospitals can do them too.  They don’t just happen at one place. For so many women who are in poverty or who can’t afford health care, this is a place they can get what they need FOR THEIR HEALTH. Did I mention they also educate about STI’s? And TREAT them? Please, go to their site and look around. It’s very informative.

There are new videos being released that supposedly prove that Planned Parenthood is selling the bodies and organs of aborted fetuses to the highest bidder. There are some problems with these video’s, the biggest one being that they don’t actually prove anything of the sort. They are for shock value, pure and simple, to shock people into seeing shocking things and ticking them into making uneducated decisions. They are heavily edited to create the worst impression possible. There are somethings people need to realize about Planned Parenthood, abortions, and stem cells.

  1. Women are going to have abortions. We have always had abortions and will continue to get abortions even if they are against the law.
  2. Since women are going to get abortions, there are going to be aborted fetuses. These fetuses carry some of the most impressive cells ever because they can become any specific type of cell. They are so close to using these cells to CURE DIABETES in people. It is important medical research and will save lives AND money in the long run. Let’s use the tragedy for good, to help people, heal people.
  3. Planned Parenthood is not a baby killing factory. It is not waving signs saying “Come get an abortion, we’ll buy your fetus!” They have women coming in for abortions of their own free will and those women are make decisions about what will happen with the baby afterward. The parents are making the decision, not Planned Parenthood. It’s like organ donation.
  4. If you are trying to pass laws based on a religious belief, you are forcing your beliefs onto others and breaking the separation of church and state. You are breaking one of the fundamental tenets of our country and something our founding fathers found extremely important. Don’t do that. Don’t be that person. Don’t be the person that expresses pride in their country and then undermines it in the next breath. No one is telling you that you can’t believe it’s wrong. You are entitled to your beliefs, but you are NOT allowed to force those beliefs onto others.

Don’t take away the funding for Planned Parenthood. You will be doing extreme harm to women’s rights and it won’t be for the reason you think you’re doing it. Don’t let politicians get away with this. Vote. Use your voice.

*Please don’t yell at me in the comments and if you disagree, be civil. This is such a hot topic and everyone has strong beliefs about it. You’re welcome to share, but be nice.


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