The plot thickens…

Let’s see where this goes! He took a step forward….

Her finger moved of it’s own accord, and the gun kicked into her shoulder as it released the bullet. Even as her ears rang from the noise, the rifle was yanked out of her hand. She stumbled back, reaching for the door to slam and bolt, but was grabbed by her arm to hold her still.

“Damnit, she got me.” She looked to the armored stranger hoping that meant he was too injured to move, but she saw that he was only bleeding a little from his upper arm. Frustration filled her and she yanked on her arm, trying to pull free.

“Well, you should have stayed still. She did warn you.” The new man holding her arm was young, maybe her age, and he was obviously finding this whole situation amusing, which didn’t help her mood at all.

“Let me go and get the hell off my property!” She gave him her best glare, but considering she was almost a full 18 inches shorter than him, it had very little effect. He was so tall she had to crane her next to meet his eyes and she didn’t like that one bit.

“Mistress, we have some service needed of you. Let’s go inside and we’ll get that taken care of.”

Panic. Pure panic. These men were going to hurt her and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. Her chest tightened and she found it hard to get air. How could she have missed that shot? Then at least it would have only been the one.

“Whoa, breathe little one. In. Out.” The giant holding her took several deep breaths, demonstrating. Her glare came back.

“Don’t. Call. Me. Little. One.” she spat at him. The anger helped stabilize her breathing and she pulled on her arm again. “Get yourselves gone. After this greeting there is no service I will do for you, I can promise you that. You trespass onto my land and with no introduction assault my person, and then you expect me to help you? Fuck off.”

The injured man huffed a laugh while the giant gave a full guffaw. “Well, we would, I assure you, but it’s rather important.”

That response only received a snort from her as she contemplated how hard she would have to stomp on his foot. Maybe if she kicked his knee hard enough, she could break the joint?

As if picking up on her intentions, he moved her to arms length, which in his case was a considerable distance and shook his head. “Please.”

That gave her pause. A polite rapist? Her hesitation encouraged him and he nodded to someone behind her. For God’s sake, another one? She craned her neck around and saw that there was another person behind her, but this one was female. And a non-human.

She couldn’t immediately identify the species, but her willowy form, red eyes, and pointed ears marked her as one of the many non-human species in the world. There was something in her arms and even as Sophie got over the shock of having a non-human on her front porch, a bundle was set in her arms.

She looked down by reflex and instantly cradled it. It was a baby, a very young one, asleep. She looked up, confused.

The giant shrugged. “We cannot keep her, but she must not die.” Her eyes widened as she realized that they would have left this baby in the forest as they ran, to die of exposure or to be eaten by animals, but for some reason it was too important to do so. She looked back down and saw that the infant had opened her eyes and was gazing back at her, calm as could be.

“You have got to be kidding me. THIS is your SMALL task?”

“It is, give her care. We will be back for her. On your life, nothing must happen to her.” And with that they all just walked away.


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