Stop Victim Blaming

I am fuming, absolutely fuming. Tonight, this article appeared on my twitter feed and I was stupid and read it before bed. So, now I’m angry and can’t sleep because I’m just thinking about that poor girl.

It has to stop. It just has to. The victim of molestation is NEVER at fault in ANY WAY. If you didn’t click the link up there, basically, a 14 year old child was groomed and molested by her teacher for a year. Now, the Los Angeles School District is using her prior sexual history to claim that the molestation was partly her fault. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, because that girl wasn’t a virgin, she is to blame for a pedophile molesting her. That’s slut shaming and victim blaming ALL IN ONE PACKAGE. It’s a two for one and that poor girl now as to live with the fact that she was molested AND enjoy the finger pointing. Well, guess what SHE’S NOT AT FAULT.

The argument LAUSD’s attorneys are using is not that she instigated the relationship, but that 1. she wouldn’t be that harmed by it because she had already engaged in sexual acts before and 2. she didn’t tell anyone about it. Let’s just break these reasons wide open and expose them for the insanity they are, shall we?

  1. She wouldn’t be bothered by the molestation because she wasn’t a virgin.

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK. Ok, sorry, but SERIOUSLY?! Look, I don’t care if that girl slept with the entire football team (she didn’t), she was 14. FOURTEEN. That puts her squarely under the age of consent. Period. She obviously is traumatized by it since her parents are suing the school district. That teacher was an adult. AN ADULT. He found her weaknesses and preyed on them and as a teacher is in a position of authority. The whole relationship is unbalanced and wrong, I don’t care that she had engaged in sexual relationships before this. This is like saying a rape victim can’t be bothered by her rape because she has had sex before so, it’s totally fine, right? This is slut shaming at it’s worst.

2. She didn’t report it to the school or her parents.

Well OF COURSE she didn’t. That teacher groomed her since she was 13. Part of the whole grooming process is making sure the girl keeps her mouth shut. Because it was an adult and a teacher, he was in a terrible position of authority. I’m sure the words “no one would believe you anyway” were uttered at some point, as well as other similar things. He started the whole thing on a basis of secrecy, using his authority to impress upon a child that the CHILD would get in trouble if any of this came to light. Child molesters are VERY good at making sure their victims don’t say anything. To use this as an excuse that she is to blame for her molestation is blaming the victim. ARE YOU INSANE LAUSD?!

This is disgusting and appalling. It’s so disgusting and appalling I cannot believe I even read that story or that this exists. And yet, it does. Some poor girl was a victim of molestation and now is being told it’s her own fault. Way to go, LAUSD. You are a model of the educational system. Go straight to Hell.


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