Kim Davis is not Rosa Parks

Or Martin Luther King Jr. If you are comparing the two you are so wrong I cannot even tell you how wrong you are.

  1. Christians are not being persecuted in this country. ISIS is beheading Christians right now. Are you in danger of being beheaded? Do you need to go into hiding? Just because we are living in a country of laws NOT created out of your religion does NOT mean you are being persecuted. In any part of this country you can stand on a corner with a sign that says I AM A CHRISTIAN and nothing will happen to you. Because our country was founded on the belief that anyone can practice any religion we established a SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE.  Religion and laws are to be separate, according to the Constitution that we live under. Separate. You are not special because you are a Christian. Your rules are not everyone’s rules. Stop thinking they are and STOP trying to make them be.
  2. Stop comparing a white woman to a. black people and b. black people from the Civil Rights era especially.  Rosa Park was blacklisted and couldn’t find a job. She had to leave Alabama because of that and the fact that she was receiving constant death threats. MLK Jr. was jailed for 11 days. His house was fire bombed. The FBI tried to find dirt on him. Politicians were NOT waiting for him when he exited the jail. There was no rally. He was assassinated. When you compare Kim Davis to these figures you have no understanding of what true persecution is or what those figures suffered in their daily lives. None. Stop doing it.
  3. Kim Davis is an elected official. ELECTED. This means that BY LAW she has to do as the LAW says. She is not someone working at a Hobby Lobby. She is a government official and swore an oath (on a Bible no less) to uphold the duties of her office regardless of her religion BECAUSE OF THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. She ignored that and so she broke the law. She defied a court order, and so she went to jail. She was not persecuted because of her beliefs, she went to jail because she broke the law. Period.

She is not a martyr. She is not being persecuted. Stop. Saying. She. Is. Kim Davis is not Rosa Parks.


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