My Views on Guns as a (female) Human

It’s gotten to the point where mass shootings are so common that BBC introduced the story about the shooting in San Bernardino as “Another day in America.” Yep, just another day, another shooting. It’s the norm now. Let me repeat that: IT’S THE NORM NOW. If that doesn’t shock you, it should. So, I’m going to write some thoughts on guns from several perspectives, probably 3. This first piece is about guns from the perspective of a human being, American, and woman. Just a general gist of how I feel about guns.

First, it is not a god given right that all Americans own guns. It’s just not and that is NOT what the Second Amendment is about. The Second Amendment is about arming a militia, not that every joe schmoe gets a gun. In fact, this interpretation of the Second Amendment is largely the fault of the NRA, as seen in this article. So, American’s need to stop thinking that the government is going to attack all of its’ citizens and hold them hostage because they want to make stricter gun laws.

Second, no one is trying to take your guns away. No one is saying no one should own guns. All that’s trying to be done is making it harder for potential murderers to buy one and to prohibit the sale of semi-automatic guns THAT NO ONE SHOULD OWN ANYWAY. Seriously, who needs to own guns that are used by military/police TO KILL PEOPLE? That’s what those types of guns are for. They are not rifles. They are not hunting guns. They are guns designed to kill people. In some states, it’s harder to buy cigarettes than it is to buy a gun and there is something very very wrong with that.

Third, we are suffering from an internal arms race. At least, that’s what it feels like. The idea that we arm ourselves to protect ourselves SOUNDS like an arms race to me. And, call me crazy, but I don’t want to HAVE to own a gun just to feel safe walking to my car. I should be able to trust that someone with a grudge, or a mental issue, or WHATEVER cannot buy a super powerful semi-automatic gun and ambush people just trying to buy toilet paper. The governments’ JOB, it’s number one job, is to keep it’s people safe. When our government begins telling us to arm ourselves to save ourselves, it’s telling us that it cannot keep us safe. It’s UNWILLING TO KEEP US SAFE. This is a huge gigantic enormous fucking problem. My options are now: 1. don’t own a gun like a sucker (or so says some people), 2. Own a pistol/handgun that is legal to buy, 3. Own a semi-automatic gun that can take out a bunch of people at once because that is what the bad guys are buying and I need to save myself.

Fourth, the NRA is running our government. I’m not joking here. They are controlling the votes of SO MANY senators and representatives it’s impossible to get any change to gun laws. Impossible. Every single person who voted no to new gun laws had been paid in some fashion by the NRA, whether through donations or “expenditures.” Some received upwards of $3 million other’s received as little as $3000. @igorvolsky tweeted each senator who had received something from the NRA and let us know if they voted for or against change. Shocking news: it was always against. The NRA is PAYING our government to think and prey for victims and NOT PROTECT THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. In addition to that, there has been no studies done on gun violence since the CDC was basically attacked by the NRA for DOING THEIR JOB and studying gun violence. So, not only is change being prevented, we have very little understanding into how to PREVENT them because no one is studying them. Way to go NRA. You are SO COOL.

Fifth, feminism is being attacked and it’s creating issues with masculinity. That’s right, equal rights and treatment for the sexes CAN HELP REDUCE GUN VIOLENCE. Everyone benefits from it. This article cites several studies that have proven that masculinity is directly tied to violence, that men feeling inadequately masculine are more likely to use violence to prove their manhood. And this is an issue because we are polarizing masculinity and femininity.  Feminism is good for everyone.

Ok, thus ends part one of my thoughts on guns. Return later for my thoughts on guns as an ex-teacher.


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