The Heist of Song

Stealing a song is a complicated matter.  One doesn’t just stroll into the heart of a person, snatch up the song and run. It requires finesse, the softest of touches, and the ability to ooze between the cracks of a person before they realize you’re there. Do not trust street hawkers promising you songs of hope and riches for they are charlatans and will only take your money. Trust me. I am of the Unseelie and I know of what I speak.

Don’t be afraid. I offer you no ill will. The Unseelie enjoy mayhem, this is true, but I have had my fill for now. Do please stop glancing around furtively. My form is human, unless looked upon closely, and you did ask for a song, did you not? Wishes carry on the wind, friend, and whisper in ears. Is your song not to your liking? Yes, I can see that it isn’t. Grand songs are so rare and yours is so very simple.

Oh, please don’t go! I meant no offense. Songs must be different or lose their allure and their magic! But it is true, a King cannot have a simple childs’ rhyme of a song, any more than a peasant can have a grand opus. Your songs define you and your heart aches for a more complicated melody.  Your kind always enjoys loud horns and fanfares, is that what you desire? Sweeping notes, glissando, and crescendos? Or is it the drums you want, thundering and sexual, demonstrating your prowess?  I know where to find what you seek, friend, if you are willing to pay the price.

Of course you must pay! Nothing is free and I am Unseelie, payment is required. It is nothing so very large, I promise. I have no need of money or gold, so fear not. What! Ah ha! You humans are always so very afraid we will steal your children. What would I do with a human child? They are so easily crushed, their lives so brief. It’d be like you keeping a butterfly for a pet. No, I do not want your child, be at ease. Here, let me refill your cup, you look anxious.

What happens when I steal the song? Distraction will not work for long, friend, we will return to the topic of payment, but I’ll answer. A soul without a song is a desert. The soul longs to hear its’ song, it’s like a rain, a balm. It allows goodness to grow, hope, love. To steal it is to take away the rain. Those feeling will still exist, but it will be so much harder to grow them. The song is forgiveness and kindness and empathy. But you know this, you were raised properly, were you not? Yes, I can see that you were.

Stealing a song, if done well, shouldn’t be noticeable or painful. It’s like a slow leak in a bucket; it simply diminishes slowly, until you look and suddenly realize it’s gone.  You need patience to do it correctly, and patience I have. Tell me, can humans hear another’s song? No? How strange that something so important is so private a thing. Yet another reason you are lucky I heard your wish. Fairies are so much more perceptive. What? MY song? Of course you cannot hear my song, human. You would be enthralled immediately, your soul basking in my music. No, much better for you if you do not hear it.

Yes, my song would be helpful in stealing a song. How clever you are.  But I have yet another talent you humans lack. I can change my song. Why do you think fairies are so gifted? Our songs are our magic. I can make lesser creatures act as if it is their will when really I am controlling them like puppets. It doesn’t work on everyone, only the weak-willed, so fear not. You’re safe.

Now, payment. You will not escape that, friend. It is not an easy thing to steal a song. To commit such a heist requires time and commitment and my time is precious. You need not worry, I have already taken it, and you don’t miss it do you?  See all the things precious to you are still there. Yes, even your wedding ring. Your husband chose it well; I’ll let you keep it.

Yes, a song heist is not easy, but if done well, is almost un-noticable. Afterall, you didn’t feel anything as I syphoned yours away, did you? Ha ha! Yes, this was such fun for me. Honestly, why are you so surprised? How can you think you are worhty of a new song? You put your children on the table for payment! Oh, do stop making so much noise. People are starting to stare. You didn’t even like your song! You wanted a new one so badly you were  asking me to steal one for you! Well, now I’ve rid you of that tedious melody. You should be grateful, not whining at me. Imagine, a life without guilt or conscience. You can finally aspire to be the person you want to be!

This is getting tiresome and I’m rapidly losing my patience. I had to use up so much of it getting you to drop your defenses. Put it back? Why on Earth would I do that? It’s worth so much and someone somewhere will give me whatever I ask for it. Of course it’s simple, human, but think of those who are born without one! Even trolls long for music in their lives. Yes, it will do just fine. Good night, now. It’s almost morning and your husband probably misses you. Unseelie as I am, I prefer the shadows, so I will steal away now, to my own bower. Good night!