I’ve always written. It’s my thing. When I’m not writing, I think about what I want to write. Somehow, I’ve not made a career out of it and that is something I am trying to rectify. To that end, and to practice and improve my writing, I am doing this blog thing. I don’t know if I’m any good at the blog thing, mostly because I don’t have a cohesive blog theme, but I’m doing it anyway.

So what have I done instead of getting paid for writing? I used to work with animals back when I thought I was going to be a zoologist. Then I changed my major and graduated from college with a Comparative Literature degree and then went on to grad school and got a Masters in Teaching. Yes, I’m sorry, I became an English teacher. I know you probably hated yours in high school, but I really enjoyed doing it. I worked for three years in a highly impoverished city in Southern California where I was able to help kids who had never passed a class, pass a class. It was challenging and hard work, but I liked it.

And then I had kids *cues gushy emotional music* Teaching, as awesome as it was, took over twelve hour days. It’s hard work that is never done and I wanted to spend more time with my kids. So, I quit and became a stay at home mom. As hard as teaching was, this gig is Much Harder. Writing has come back into my life now that I have time between feedings and I’m getting a decent nights sleep.

I’ll write about anything, but my fiction usually takes the form of fantasy. I adore fantasy and have since I was young. I hope you enjoy what I write, whether it’s about personal opinions or a fictional piece. I’d love to get feedback, but I do hope it’s constructive. Thank you for reading!


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